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What is our motto?

Our motto is to help people who are looking for home based job and also those who want to earn some money online by making use of their day today tasks like checking mails, sharing photos, sharing videos, chatting, blogging, joining social networking sites etc.

2.       Why those sites will pay you?

They pay you because of you. You help them building in their community as a result more and more advertisers are attracted to them; as a result their revenue increases. It is from this revenue that they pay you. So actually it is you, making money for them, not they for you.

3.       How do you get paid?

There are many ways by what you get paid. It depends upon the company you choose to join.  When your account reaches the minimum Payout amount specified by that company, you can request for payout. They will send your payments through Cheques, PayPal, E-Gold or StormPay.

4.       Will you update your list of Money Making Sites?

Definitely, if you remained in touch with us, we will let you know everything that you want to know about Home making jobs and making money online.

5.       Do we post scam sites?

Every site we have posted on this website is “genuine” and has been tested. So we recommend you that “feel free to join any program here”

6.       How can you start earning money online if you had read all the details?

We appreciate your decision if you have decided to join. Just click on the links attached to the particular program.

If you have any questions please click here